Children of Lilith

​You think us ugly.
You hate us.
You attack and burn us.
You don’t even know who we are.
You can’t understand who we are.

We are Lilim.
She begat us – the monstrous.
And we have beauty that you can’t comprehend.
Your attacks aren’t able to destroy us.
Your think your fire consumes us because that is what you see.
You can only imagine it in terms of how it would affect you.
But we are the broken and for that we know something you haven’t understood:
We can survive.
You forget who is among our siblings:
The Phoenix.
And she shares with us her power.

Your fire cannot destroy us.
It can only temper our mettle
As the blacksmith tempers metals.
The fire and quenching create greater strength.
That fire becomes our rebirth, and we emerge stronger than before.

Inspired by “The Seam of Skin And Scales” by Little Light.

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