Hello, it sure has been a while!

Sometimes life just happens. The last several months have been hectic.

I’ve read a few more books, though mostly for class. I was taking Anthropology 440 in the spring term at UNC, which I aced, so my cumulative GPA is 4.0! If I ever again think taking a 400-level to fill a core requirement is a good idea…

Work is most of the hectic, though I can say I’m still liking it. This past Wednesday marked six months that I’ve been there.

Baseball season has started and we have our same fantastic seats for the Durham Bulls. Their season isn’t going so well, but, they’re still my team.

Angela and I took a weekend away last month. We went to Enfield, NC, which makes Enfield, CT, look positively metropolitan. We’d found a Living Social deal for a bed and breakfast named Bellamy Manor, which is beautiful. For dinner one evening we went to On The Square in Tarboro, NC, which was a 45 minute drive away by way of mostly two-lane state highways. One of the owners of The Lodge at Roanoke Valley, which is the Masonic Temple building in town, told us of the restaurant while we were there for an art exhibition.

We now have a third motorcycle, and it wasn’t at all what we had intended to buy. We’d wanted to buy a third motorcycle, one that either of us could ride, so that we didn’t run into an issue when one was in the shop. Angela can’t get my 1998 Kawasaki Voyager XII off the sidestand, though her 2002 Kawasaki ZR-7s is comfortable for both of us. We had planned for a Ninja 650R or its fraternal twin, the ER-6n – the unfaired or “naked” version. However, a coworker was selling his bike for a price that was great and it’s a model that, in terms of various aspects, similar to the ZR-7s, so we went for it. I never thought I’d own a machine from this particular company, but I’m now the owner of a 1998 BMW R1100R.

Tomorrow we’re celebrating Mother’s Day with my parents (they had other obligations last week) by taking them out to 604 at West Village in Durham.

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  • Susan

    Love this news. Dave has a Yamaha CRX somthingorother. He rides to work every day except during hurricane season, which as you know starts soon. Now I want to take a trip. My youngest nephew is graduating from HS in June in Murphy, NC.